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Keyed Locking Drawer

Keyed Locking Drawer

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This option adds a keyed drawer lock and a drawer pull handle to your system. This option also removes the finger gap at the top edge of the drawer to better conceal items inside.

The lock is from Olympus and has a matte black face.

We implement in-house designed and produced striker plates made from carbon-fiber nylon impregnated with continuous strands of fiberglass. This creates a strong and quiet assembly that's integrated cleanly into your system.

PRICED PER DRAWER. For a pair of locked drawers, you need qty 2 of this item.


1. 4Runner systems -This option removes the folding drawer face wing and replaces it with a static face.

2. These locks help deter unintentional access. They do not create a mobile bank vault. The system may still be vulnerable to break-ins if the thief is prepared to destroy the system to gain access.

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