Fridge Rack

$2,249.99 USD

The fridge rack isolates your fridge from your cargo while providing hard-mounting points for modular storage, including Rotopax! 

This option protects your fridge from the rest of your cargo, keeps objects from falling behind your fridge and provides a multitude of mounting solutions for any kind of gear you want to keep handy in your car.

This is compatible with all Air Down Gear Up Dedicated kitchens in all vehicles.

The rack:

Made from a single sheet of 6061 aluminum and *machined* to our exact specifications in our Colorado shop. Most other metal racks in this industry are made from steel and are thin, heavy and sharp edged. We make our enclosure with 3/16" 6061 aluminum and chamfer/bevel every single edge so that everything you touch is soft and rounded. This means your gear and fingers will not be snagged, frayed, scratched, dinged or marred by our rack. Since we machine this aluminum and do not bend it, we can use stronger 6061 aluminum. It's light, strong and soft to the touch.

The rack includes an adjustable ceiling shelf for additional, load bearing storage. The shelf can be setup with or without front and back walls, and is adjustable in height to best accommodate your fridge size. 

The rack also includes a configurable panel set for the vehicle forward end of the fridge to be used for mounting electronics or miscellaneous other gear.

Total weight: 55 lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

All our products are built to handle your adventures. If anything in our system breaks, we'll cover replacement.

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